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CWOL Sessions are video recordings of Musicians, Poets, Performers, and Storytellers inside of Coffee House Without Limits (in Allentown, Pennsylvania)

Current Season (2)

For more, Check out the Season 1

Session 45 features Run-On Sunshine, a singer/songwriter from either Arizona or Florida.
Run-On Sunshine bandcamp

Session 44 features Lady Queen Paradise, a singer/Songwriter from Connecticut
Queen Paradise bandcamp

Session 43 features Nikky Forrest, a songwriter & hip hop artist from Allentown PA (the city without limits).
Nikky Forrest Soundcloud
Nikky Forrest Facebook

Session 42 features Elizabeth Devlin, a singer/songwriter from New York City.
Elizabeth Devlin Website

Session 41 features Salacious Wizard Cult, a band from Modesto, California.
Salacious Wizard Cult bandcamp

Session 40 features Dandelion Massacre, a band from Modesto, California.
Dandelion Massacre bandcamp

Session 39 features Sunshine Nights

Session 38 features Catfish Steve, a musical project from Detroit MI/Richmond VA/Rogersville TN.
Catfish Steve bandcamp

Session 37 features Little State, a band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Little State bandcamp

Session 36 features The Cap Gun Coalition, a band from Austin, Texas.
The Cap Gun Coalition Bandcamp

Session 35 features Cynthia Spencer, a poet, musician and performer from Olympia, Washington (sometimes) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin (other times)
Cynthia Spencer bandcamp

Session 34 features William H. Travis, William H. Travis, who is joined by Coach, Ole Al, and Fe-Lo. The act is based out of Bethlehem, PA.
William H. Travis

Session 33 features Great/Plain, a band from Bethlehem, PA (city with limits)
Great/Plain bandcamp

Session 32 features Field Sleeper, a singer/songwriter from Columbus, Ohio.
Field Sleeper bandcamp

Session 31 features Claire Herndon, a Singer/Songwriter from Bethlehem, PA
Recordings will be coming soon!

Session 30 features Sean Lee (aka 1 Man Banjo), a songwriter and performer from Oakland, California.
1 Man Banjo website

Session 29 features Rachel Norman, a singer/songwriter from NYC.
Rachel Norman Facebook

Session 28 features Old Fox Road, a band from Champaign, Illinois.
Old Fox Road bandcamp

Session 27 features C is for Cadaver, Folkpunk inspired by roleplaying games from St. Louis, Missouri.
C is for Cadaver bandcamp

Session 26 features Sarah Winston, a songwriter from Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Sarah Winston's Website

If you want to perform a CWOL Session,
Contact Billy Mack at