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CWOL Sessions are video recordings of Musicians, Poets, Performers, and Storytellers inside of Coffee House Without Limits (in Allentown, Pennsylvania)

Season 1

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Session 25 features Brook Pridemore, a songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. This song is called "City Without Limits".
Brook Pridemore bandcamp

Session 24 features Squash, a band from Lowell, Massachusetts.
Squash bandcamp

Session 23 features Billie Lane, a songwriter from Northampton, PA

Session 22 features A Day Without Love, a musical project from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A Day Without Love bandcamp

Session 21 features Mail Myself to Thoreau, a band from Northampton, Massachusetts
Mail Myself to Thoreau BandCamp

Session 20 features Bears Don't Care, a folk band from New London, Connecticut.
Bears Don't Care BandCamp

Session 19 features Blind Richi and Augustus Smith , a duo from The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
Blind Richi Soundcloud

Session 18 features Liz De Lise, a duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Liz De Lise BandCamp

Session #17 features Kimberly Harbison, a poet from Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Session 16 features Major Pursuit, a musical project from Nazareth, PA.
Major Pursuit Bandcamp

Session 15 features Diante Romain, a musician from Allentown, PA.
Diante Romain Soundcloud

Session 14 features Kate Dressed Up, a project from the greater Philadelphia region.
Kate Dressed Up BandCamp.

Session 13 Session 13 features Eric Funn, a Folk outsider from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Eric Funn BandCamp.

Session 12 features Session 12 features Everyone Except Me, a Folk-punk project from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Everyone Except Me bandcamp

Session 11 features Your Friend Mac, a traveler who could be called a resident of Dayton, Ohio or Allentown, Pennsylvania... or maybe somewhere else!
This song is called "Allentown or Bust"

Session 10 features NVXO, a band from San Francisco, California.

Session 9 features Today, We Fight With Peace - a duo from Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Today, We Fight With Peace facebook

Session 8 features The Great Swamps, a duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The Great Swamps Bandcamp

Session 7 features Canadian Waves, a musical and spoken word project from Columbus, Ohio
Canadian Waves Bandcamp

Session 6 features Ankle Grease, a band from New York, New York.
Ankle Grease Bandcamp

Session 5 features Ludlow, a band from Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas.
Ludlow Bandcamp

Session 4 features Lobo Marino, a band from Richmond, Virginia.
Lobo Marino Bandcamp

Session 3 features Killer Bee, a band from Walden, NY featuring Danny Walker, Alli Thayer, and Jason Uhler.
Killer Bee Pure volume

Session 2 features Dan Blakeslee, a guitarist and songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts.
Dan Blakeslee's website

Session 1 features Sam Steffen, a guitarist and songwriter from Bethlehem Pennsylvania.
Sam Steffen's website

If you want to perform a CWOL Session,
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