Spoken Word and Poetry by Marshall James Kavanaugh and Stephanie B

March 9, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

March 9th, 2016. 6 PM. Coffee House Without Limits.
Traveling and Local Artists.
Suggested $5 donation.
No outside food or beverage.
Respect everyone, please!


Kimberly Harbison – Local spoken word artist, enamored with the weight words can have on strangers, sharing stories and experiences through poetry, and probably some bad puns in between.
Samples of work can be found here:

Marshall James Kavanaugh – He will be touring his new collection of poetry, Travel By Haiku, Volumes 1 through 5: Still Trippin’ Across the States. His performance will bring the audience along on the road with him across the country taking brief pauses to admire the air, the sunsets, the beaten earth, the tall trees on high mountains, and the breath of the ocean surf. There will be video projection and audio accompaniment to add to the audience’s dream cycle. Together we will follow a ritual of self-manifestation and reach a truly abundant transcendence.
Samples of my work can be found here: http://www.marshalljameskavanaugh.com/

Stephanie B. – She will be touring her new collection of essays, Letters To Aunt Lucy, which create a performative conversation between our generation and our primordial ancestor. The conversations are heavy with an exploration of the divine feminine form and her spoken word performance engages with the visceral language of each syllable, using her own body to accent her voice. Her performance takes cues from soul music and for half stanzas she’ll fill the room with sing-song, which will fall back into a meditational hum.
Samples of her work can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/+StephanieBartusis

Oliver (Ollie) Reilly – a trans-masculine poet who spent the last ten years in Philadelphia, but most recently became a resident of Easton, PA. They host Wild Mischief: A Reading Series and Literary Gathering and have a collective chapbook with some rad Philadelphians called BODIES OF FIRE, poems that explore the desire, triumphs, shame, mystery, and unnamed feelings we have for our bodies and their ability to transcend and limit. Their poems have been published here & there and they do readings sometimes, but mostly they just want to lie in parks, ride bikes, pet all the animals, and keep it real.
A sample of their work can be found in Apiary Magazine under their birth name

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